Carpet cleaning businesses can face claims against them for incorrect cleaning processes on carpets, soft furnishings, and upholstery.

Polished Insurance, for carpet cleaners, automatically incorporates specific cover extensions for protection against the most common risks.

We understand your industry and our experienced team will ensure that your insurance policy meets your needs.

Carpet Cleaning Process Claim Example

Mrs. Jones is a Polished Insurance policyholder. Mrs. Jones received a call from a customer who advised her that they were unhappy with the condition of their upholstery, following a clean by her employee. They reported patchy discolouration on parts of the sofa.

Mrs. Jones met with her customer to view the alleged damage and checked the area that her employee had patch tested and this was still clear. She then took a patch of material from the sofa to test her products on and there was no evident reaction.

Mrs. Jones customer instructed an independent inspection and the inspection concluded that the most likely cause of the discolouration to the sofa was, in fact, the cleaning process, carried out by Mrs. Jones employee.

As Polished Insurance provides cover, under the public liability section, for damage caused to any item being cleaned, worked on, treated, or maintained. Polished Insurance proceeded to settle the claim for Mrs. Jones at an amount of £4,763.

Polished Insurance Provides Market Leading Employers and Public Liability Cover!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There are many standard public liability policies which will exclude treatment risks however the Polished Insurance policy includes damage to third party property being cleaned, worked on, and treated, so that your business will be covered.

Yes. If you list all your business activities within the online quote service, or discuss them with a member of the Polished Insurance team, we can ensure that your Polished Insurance policy covers you for every aspect of your work.

If you select carpet cleaning as your trade, we automatically include cover for upholstery and curtain cleaning.

The standard third-party property damage excess on your Polished Insurance policy is £250. However, you can choose to pay a surplus on your premium to reduce your excess to as low as £100. Speak to the Polished Insurance team to find an insurance policy that works for you.

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