Cyber Attacks. Are you Covered?

Is your cleaning business prepared for a cyber attack? Cybercrime is on the increase and this is becoming an increasingly serious issue for businesses of all sizes across all industries.

For small businesses, the most common types of cybercrime are phishing emails, malware attacks, hacking and fraud. The average breach can set a business back over 2 days and can cost a significant amount of money.

To combat cyber-attacks, most businesses use computer securing software, and regularly update their IT systems. However, if a cyber-attack does occur do you have the right insurance cover in place to protect you?

Polished Insurance can assist you with sourcing and arranging the right Cyber and Data Breach Protection Insurance for your business, before its too late!

Computer network hacked!

A large firm of commercial cleaning contractors’ computer network was hacked. The network held confidential data regarding their clients and this included security access information. Unfortunately, the firm had no cyber insurance in place and were faced with several potential regulatory fines and penalties, potential litigation from their clients, loss of clients due to the security breach and in addition to all of this, a significant amount of money was fraudulently transferred from their bank account.

Polished Insurance were approached to arrange cyber insurance
protection for the future.

cyber crime

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber and Data Breach Protection Insurance is surprisingly
cheap for the extent of cover provided, with premiums starting at £112 annually.

No. Cyber and Data Breach Protection Insurance cover can be put in place based on the existing arrangements of your system, although advice may be given to assist you, from a security point of view.

No. Should you suffer a security breach, you simply contact the insurers claim team on a dedicated claim line. They will immediately start to deal with the issue on your behalf.

No. The insurers have specialist ransom specialists who will deal with matters, such as these, on your behalf.

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