Motor Fleet Insurance

The Polished Insurance team provides tailor-made, motor fleet, insurance solutions to cleaning businesses of all sizes.

Polished Insurance will work with you to understand your business needs and we can deliver insurance cover for all sizes of motor fleets, ranging from two vehicles to a fleet of vans.

We have access to the leading motor fleet insurers within the market, along with many specialist insurers, and this enables us to provide you with the most competitive premiums available.

Cover for a Mini-Fleet

Mr. Alder from Platinum Domestic Services currently has one van in the company name, one car in his own name and was buying a third vehicle. His current insurer would only provide him with personal business use and he needed to cover an additional driver.


We arranged a mini-fleet policy covering all three vehicles, for any driver aged 23 or over at an annual cost of under £1,600.  This not only saved Mr. Alder money when compared with having multiple policies and it was also more efficient for his business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can transfer the no claims bonus earned on each individual vehicle onto a mini-fleet insurance policy.

No. Once you transfer onto a mini-fleet policy the annual premium is rated on the number of vehicles against the total cost of incurred claims.

Depending on your business circumstances we can arrange for a mini-fleet insurance policy for two vehicles and upwards. Speak to the Polished Insurance team to discuss your specific requirements.

Yes. Most policies carry a standard excess of £250 for accidental damage, fire or theft claims. This is generally reduced to £75 if it is a claim for damage to windscreen only.

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