Specialist cleaners often face more risks to their health and wellbeing than any other cleaners.

If your work includes crime scene cleaning, waste removal, fire and flood cleaning or any other hazardous cleaning situations, it is essential you have the right insurance cover in place for you and your employees.

We understand your industry and our experienced team will ensure that your insurance policy meets your needs.

Needle Sweep Claim Example

The specialist cleaning company removed many used needles from the premises and were satisfied that they had completed a full check on all areas.

As the property needed rewiring throughout, the electricians needed to access some of the cabling and trunking and needed to move the sofa. During the moving of the sofa the claimant sustained an injury by pricking his hand on a used needle. There were no long-term effects and the actual injury did not constitute a high pay-out.

Polished Insurance provides cover under the public liability policy for claims of this nature. An agreement was reached whereby the Specialist Cleaning Company accepted liability, and the claimant received compensation for an amount of £3000.

Polished Insurance Provides Market Leading Employers and Public Liability Cover!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A Polished Insurance policy covers you for circumstances that may cause damage to property being treated, cleaned or maintained.

Yes. If you have employees you must, by law, have employers liability insurance. Your Polished Insurance policy will protect you against any potential claims made by employees during the course of work.

Yes. A Polished Insurance policy covers all high-water pressure cleaning processes. However, for other processes such as sand or shot blasting, please speak to a member of the Polished Insurance team, to ensure that you have the right cover.

The standard third-party property damage excess on your Polished Insurance policy is £250. However, you can choose to pay a surplus on your premium to reduce your excess to as low as £100. Speak to the Polished Insurance team to find an insurance policy that works for you.

If you have any other questions please email help@polished-insurance.co.uk

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