Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance protects you if you use your car or van for work-related purposes.

Commercial vehicle insurance covers you for traveling between different work locations, it covers you if you use a van to commute to work, or for any other business purpose, and it covers you if you drive colleagues or your employees around in your vehicle.

At Polished Insurance, we have facilities to cater for all manner of commercial vehicle, from a 35ton HGV to a small van and we can provide multi-vehicle policies and conversion-to-fleet polices if this proves financially beneficial to you.

Polished Insurance will work with you to ensure that your vehicle has the right insurance cover in place.

Insurance for Modified Vehicles

Mr. Parish, had started out as a window cleaner working as a sole trader and used his own van to get to and from various window cleaning jobs.

Mr. Parish decided to get a water system fitted into his vehicle, to improve his offering to customers. He hadn’t realised that his current commercial vehicle insurance policy did not allow for modified vehicles and his insurer declined to offer cover.

With a Polished Insurance policy, the insurers we work with allow for modifications, such as water systems.

After contacting Polished Insurance, Mr. Parish now has the right commercial vehicle insurance policy for his business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You would require a commercial vehicle insurance policy that allows you to use your van for business purposes.

Yes. Our specialist claims service can arrange, subject to availability, for a replacement hire vehicle to keep your business moving.

Yes. Your commercial vehicle insurance policy covers your vehicle for business use and personal use.

No. Your policy will only cover you for the vehicle disclosed to the insurer.

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